Ok i tell you what, fans really dontr agree with me

the server is pretty old, about 3 years old, 500Mhz processor, 512MB ram etc etc, its only for a small site, so dont need anything powerfull

but i have a problem with fans

i have been through about 5 fans since i have had this machine, is that normal???

Its the processor fans that seem to go, basically, you can hear a difference in sound that fan makes, and you can hear a sort of clicking sound.

i always then replace it straight away, but its becomming a pain in the arse

does everyone have this problem with always on servers?

The fans i buy on average cost about 15

is there any fans that are beasty, really powerfull, with bearings that dont clog up after about 9 months??

also, the server isn't in a dusty place, infact, the inside is spottless.

is it just my bad luck, or do you guys spend more on fans