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    moving away from UK2.NET

    I have a .com (not a domain with UK2.NET, I have been steadily transferring all my .com domains to a single registrar and would like to do this to the UK2.NET one.

    Finding out how to do this is buried deep within the FAQs of UK2.NET's help pages, in the end they want 20 to "change tags" of the domain so you get access. It may be a rip-off but I'll just pay it to get things done.

    Can someone who has been through this process detail me on it, I don't want the domain left in limbo somewhere.

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    There are no "tags" associated with .com domains - this is .uk terminology.

    Use a registrar who does not charge for failed transfers and just initiate the transfer and see what happens...

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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    I would never use uk2 ever again, they have cheap prices but wack you for such extras

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    Actually, UK2.NET are a resller for for the .com domains, the way uses contacts are known as "tags", these are actually just e-mails with a #n (number) on the end.

    I really just want to hear from anyone who has been through the process.

    I looked into this some time back and had to register with first, now I've been re-examining their domain configuration pages and I can see my domain (I _am_ the owner) and it looks like I can actually changed the admin-c, tech-c and billing-c, and the DNS, all by myself (they are currently all UK2.NET).

    I was wondering that the 20 charge was merely to change the contacts, I was wondering if I could just do it myself, for free. Then I suppose would send me the renewal charge directly instead of to UK2.NET ?

    What could UK2.NET do about it ?

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