only vote/ reply if you read this whole thing.


ok anyhow i known this dude lets call his name john and say we been really cool friends for a while now.

so i decided to go cruising with him and this girl he was drop dead like in love with we'll call her karen.

ok so anyhow i ride up there in karens car she is really attractive probably and 8-10 anyhow it was fun cruising around.

i told her that i really liked her and was currious about the movies with her and she said you mean you like me? i said yea she said i feel the same i thought you hated me.

so anyhow had the hardpart out of the way or so i thought.

you remember the guy? (john) was'nt thinking clearly well he's like in love with this girl and he's my friend and i met her with him lol.

ok so story goes on she ready to tell john she don't like him and wants get more serious with me and i'm like NO dont you'll ruin my friendship with him etc....
i said stuff like bros> ho's lol

anyhow she was so upset i changed my mind but hey did'nt know what else to do.

so anyhow we still talk a little and i finally convinced her to kinda go out with john and he turns like phsyco on her saying he loves her and on the phone 24/7 constantly and that he's obsessed with her so she says stay away so anyhow that brings us to this past weekend.

i was riding around with another buddy of mine and i was like yo i wanna go drive karens car.

he's like ok cool call her up anyhow i call her she said ya come by my house so i did and we go cruising (me driving lol) anyhow we hang out a big me , my buddy brett, and her karen.

so we get ready to leave brett is like dude she is ****ing hot man hook me up i'm like nah i'm interested in her man

anyhow thats all he talks about for a while so that tells ya a little.

she is ready to get more serious for sure she was so mad when i decided against getting more seroius so i know she wants to.


so question is should i get more serious now that things between (john and karen ) have split?

and she's goin out to movie or cruisin with my friday already since her cars in shop

let me know what you think.