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    * Need a few reviews :)

    Hy all!

    I´m not a professional Webdesigner, but I would apreciate some reviews from professionals!

    Here are the Domains: (all German, but I only want design reviews)


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    Gutn Morn (Good Morning)

    Are all sites made by you. 6 sites for review? : I like the backgrojnd but not the navigation.

    Well I will write some more afterwards.

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    Yepp... I made some more since my start, but I only show the ones, where I was creatively free...

    Sorry for my bad english

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    This I have written in German. Hope you understand.

    Ihr Aufstellungsort schaut gut. Ich habe überprüft. Die Fahnen am oberen Unterhalt auf dem Blinken. Verletzt die Augen. Gute Arbeit irgendeine Weise.

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    Can you please write in english Your German is not the best

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    Hey those sites are looking good, allthough you might want to use more graphics instead of some of the text, I didn't check all of the sites out so sorry if I am wrong, I am just assuming they are all the same.

    Overall good work

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