Beta Name: Virtual .:G:. Drive
Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2002
Comments: For Immediate Release
by: Josh Odmark

Project ME:

This is a browser based file storage program. It runs off of the language PERL, and it lies on a website in the form of CGI. The total size of the website, for expected bandwidth, is 43kb including the program. This program allows a user to create a username, and password, and then he can use his allocated amount of space per starup account (2mb). Billing information will be requested when the user needs more than 2mb of space. Prices, and allocated amount of space can be changed.

This program is supported by an admin panel, only requiring one technical support personal to run the entire program. From the admin panel, the technical support can delete, add, and make any sort of change to the whole database, including user information that may be needed.

*********** is the location of the front end. He/She or the company that wishes to buy this program will be given a tour of the program, and a pilot can be requested by the purchaser.

Currently there are 2 groups interested in buying this product.

Jarvis Entertainment Group
and (CNET)

Fell free to contact Mr. Jarvis, CEO of JEG regarding the product.

A little brief of what the JEG meeting was like.

JEG wanted to encorporate this file storage into a new underground data center. United Encology was the owner of the space, and JEG was the supplier of the computer systems, and bandwidth. Yahoo and a few other companies have already bought space in this data center, and it is due to be released soon. This program was on the table to handle all of that data from Yahoo, and any incoming company wishing to store data in this data center. More information can be found at about the data center.

This program is up for bids as of right now, and we are willing to give a look at the beta product to potential buyers.

This is a huge money maker if it is used to its potential.

Remarks: Production ending date, December of 2002.

Product Ownership: Jeoworks LLC (Sole)

Product Starting Bid: $7,000 , no royalties

Product Last Bid: $5,000 plus an undisclosed amount of royalties.

Legal Remarks:

Legal documents will not be posted on a forum, and Jeoworks LLC reserves the right to deny any bid. Purchasing this program will include all of your basic documents, and ownership titles.

Requirements: Jeoworks will require an NDA before any type of agreement is to be found. This will allow the purchaser a look at the PERL Coding.

Bids: Bids shall be directed towards [email protected]. Your bid will not be revealed. Highest bid will be posted on this forum by me. All other bids posted here can be ignored.

Business Name:
Website: (If available)
Day Contact:
Night Contact:

Closing Statement:
This project is a very well put together program that if used correctly will enable your reputation to grow. Not only that, but if marketted right, you will have fortune 500 companies paying insurance to keep you in business, thats a reality.

End of document

Thank you!