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    How Can I Do This?

    I added an error checking section in my form script and I was wondering if somone can help me out. Instead of doing this:

    PHP Code:
    // define fields
    $fields = array ('field1''field2''field3');

    // print the error
    if (empty($_POST['fields'])) {

    I would like to make automatically pull the name of each variable and add the _error to it like:


    This way I won't have to make another line for each field.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    did a little searching on

    so to do what you want would be

    PHP Code:
    foreach ($HTTP_POST_VARS AS $pram=>$value){    
    define ($value "_error""Error Text");

    Will treat the values as strings and say you had a variable named $name, your error version should be name_error without the $


    if (empty($_POST['fields'])) {
    $fields = $_POST['fields'];
    define ($fields[$i] . "_error", "Error Text");
    //All done

    to test the values....(you can also use the for next here as well
    if ( defined('something_error') && something_error ) print(something_error);

    you may also use a case insensative feature by inserting
    , TRUE);
    at the end of
    define ($fields[$i] . "_error", "Error Text", TRUE);
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