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    Registering an edu domain


    A University in our city wants to register thier domain with .edu extention

    but have now restricted the registration to only listed instituions

    but some Universities of our city have edu domains

    and they are not listed

    Anybody have idea how i could get a domain with .edu extention.
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    Educause is the only source. You have to meet their requirements. Sorry.

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    Grandfathers clause

    True, there are some .edu registrants which are NOT exactly 4-year colleges in the States. (I even know of one in CHINA! Can you believe this?) But then they were handed down by the grandfathers, and you are a bit late to the show :-(
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    Dont you think they should STOP and take back
    those names from UnQualified Institutes??

    Or TOS wont allow them,, May be
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