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    Looking for templates


    I am looking for about 3-4 cheap hosting templates or more.

    What I don't need:

    • I don't need you to customize it
    • I don't need the best looking templates around
    • I don't need the template to be unique to me, you can resell it to someone else after (as long as it's OK with the other person )

    What I need:

    • Each template in photoshop format
    • Each template in HTML
    • Rights to the template (not to resell but give away free)

    How much do I pay? Depends of you, PM me your template link with your asking price. I can also give you a free $6.95 ENOM reseller account for them.

    I can give you either money, money+reseller account or just a reseller account. Such reseller account usually cost $20-$30 here and a lot more elsewhere.

    It's a full ENOM reseller account with prices as follow:

    .com $6.95
    .net $6.95
    .org $6.95
    .us $6.95
    .info $6.95
    .biz $6.95
    .tv $39.95
    .ws $14.95
    .nu $25.95
    .bz $25.95
    .cc $25.95

    Why do I need so much templates? Please don't ask

    It's ideal for templates you can't sell, old templates and even templates you don't like

    When trading a template for a reseller account, i will accept almost anything.

    Also, please don't flame me because i am being so cheap I know it takes you a lot of time to develop templates and that's why I am asking for templates you can't sell and templates you don't like, etc since you would not sell it anyway. I repeat, I don't want the best looking templates

    Thank you for your time
    You may not love me but you will respect me!

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    ill pm you

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    Thank you everyone for your offers! I think i've found all the templates i needed
    You may not love me but you will respect me!

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