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    September Specials - We Use Super Fast DS3 Connections

    These September Specials expire October 1, 2002 - FULL 30 Day Money back Guarantee.

    S-1 Package - 250 MB of Space - 2 Gigs of Bandwidth - 10 POP and FTP Accounts - 1 MySQL Database
    S-2 Package - 500 MB of Space - 4 Gigs of Bandwidth - 20 POP and FTP Accounts - 1 MySQL Database
    S-3 Package - 750 MB of Space - 6 Gigs of Bandwidth - 50 POP and FTP Accounts - 2 MySQL Database
    S-4 Package - 1 Gig of Space - 10 Gigs of Bandwidth - 100 POP and FTP Accounts - 2 MySQL Database

    Plus all of the following:
    Unlimited Email Aliases - POP3 and Web Mail Access - Virus and Spam Detection - Unlimited Mailing Lists - Telnet Shell - Free Search Engine Submittal tools - 24 Hour Help Desk and Email Support - CGI - PERL - PHP - ASP - Dedicated IP - FrontPage - Full Admin Controls - Backup and Restore utilities - Graphical Statistics - Raw Logs

    For the special prices visit us at:

    WorldCops Web Services is not a reseller using shared hosting plans. We supply dedicated IP's on our own DNS servers in an armed guarded facility. We have been hosting Police Oriented websites since 1999. We now host personal, business, and organizations for everyone at the same low cost Law Enforcement website rates.

    We have the lowest pricing plans on the internet for the services and redundant DS3 Connection speeds we offer. Want to see for yourself ? Ping our site and see the speed difference from all the other hosts you want to check out. The lower the Time= **ms - The faster the Network Speeds. New to this testing? Use a command prompt and type; ping or any other You'll get the truth there! Want more proof? Type in tracert instead of ping.

    We know that some hosts use faster connections on there site than they may use on yours, so look up WorldCops in a search engine to see other sites we host and ping those also.

    We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And have been up this year 100% with absolutely NO DOWNTIME.

    Check out our low cost regular packages at:
    If your looking for Speed and reliability, we have a package for you. If we don't have one that you can use we will try to meet your needs. Email us at [email protected] or complete this form at:

    ** We do not host websites with Adult or Illegal content.
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