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    slow email

    From my PC, I sent an email from 1 account on my server (RAQ 4i) to another account also on my server at about 10:30 yesterday(9/14) and I did not receive the email until 6:35 PM today (9/15). I have had a customer complain about slow email delivery for interoffice emails (within same domain) citing the same problem (email does not get delivered until next day). I know this is a very general question, but what kind of things can I look at on my server to attempt to track/resolve this problem? Could the ISP cause a delay (even if I am using the RAQ mail server to send/receive)? Could my customer have better luck if he uses the outgoing mail server of his ISP? We are all using Outlook/Outlook Express.

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    one thing worth trying would be the updated qpopper package available from solarspeed:

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    You might want to check the mail queues as well and if there are a lot of messages there flush them and restart sendmail.
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    * DNS ok ?

    I had a client once who set up his dns not quite well that took it also into a slow mailrespons. So perhaps it is handy to check your DNS aswell.

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