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    anyone have any info on this outfit....

    standard seems like a very good deal best price/package I've seen so far.

    any comments?

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    If windows hosting is what you want, I guess they look okay. I havn't heard of them but they appear to be a good company.
    I'd suggest getting in touch with them and finding out more information, like where they host their servers, how long they've been in business, etc.
    good luck and i hope you signup with a reliable hosting company
    - Ross
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    They are loading really slooooooowly for me.

    correct me if I am wrong, but Dixiesys uses Win, too(Ensim)
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    The website loads fast for me.

    Yeah I havent heard of them either. But make sure you do your research before deciding on a company.
    Chinthaka Wickramaratna
    multi-account windows hosting packages
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