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    I used to run a php based proxy server on a dedicated server at a DC in St. Louis, but it always kept crashing after a couple hours and I'd have to reboot it.
    Here is my question cause I've got some more time on my hands...
    How do you program/run/configure a php proxy server to run without crashing it all the time?
    Basically I was wondering if there were people who knew how to configure a server to handle such a massive load.

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    Is it a public one? You probably were using too many MySQL connections and it crashed or Apache wasn't configured to allow that many connections and it crashed also. The complete server crashing probably didn't happen.
    There are so many different scripts out there it was probably a bug with that one.
    I personally used to run a glype proxy ( and loved it. But I have moved onto VPN some I haven't really used a proxy in a long time.

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    Windows / Linux, PHP version, Proxy? Error logs? I think the error logs would be very usefull for you

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    What do you mean by 'massive load' ?

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