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    Thumbs down Sean->Burst.Net Your customers are waiting for your responses

    After the last Burst outage and After asking for a response to many questions, you FINALLY gave your long suffering customers a teeny tiny bit of hope that we can expect a response from you with these words
    Originally posted by BurstNET
    As soon as we get a chance...handling reboots first, then support, then will answers that order.

    Sean R.
    and then you disappeared. I should not have been so naive as to think you meant it, but I was...well your customers are waiting. In case you didn't "notice" the other threads, here are the issues we would like to hear about:

    1. More than one person, myself included, has sent you a request for some sort of refund only to be ignored. Just one reason for asking this publicly where other people with the same problem can get an answer from you in one shot. For the record, I have asked 3 times in private and been ignored 3 times. How can I get the request to be responded to? I get emails from [email protected] so one of my requests went there.
    2. How much refund are you offering for all the downtime the last couple of months.
    3. Will you be purchasing backup generators? If not, will you be taking down your advertisement of such?
    4. When I started with burst, your tech support people sucked. After many public complaints, you hired some good ones. Then someone here said they quit, and all of a sudden you started to go down on a regular basis, blaming ATT, Power outages locally, power outages across the country, and the old staple, a large portion of the Internet is down.

    Burst customers, if you share my desire to get some answers, please post here to let Burst know that we deserve to be heard. And let me know if I missed any questions.

    P.S. And no one needs to tell me to leave Burst, note that my first question is about a refund. Further, I am doing research on colo...if Sean gives a satisfactory response to this, I will stay, if not, it will still take a couple of months for me to move and I hope this will help make Burst offer good service in the interim...
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    haha I told ya
    he is gone with the wind
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    They still owe us money as well.....
    Providing YOUR Internet Action!
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    This is not a Burst support forum. You should NOT be addressing Sean here nor asking for (and expecting) his response. Your issue is private, and this is not a public ticket system. Request your refund with them directly.

    If you've asked for somethign you're due and you haven't gotten a response, take the matter to court where they handle things like this. We don't.

    If your provider isn't cutting the mustard, then leave them and find a new mustard cutter. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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