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    Post Getting Something Off My Chest

    Hello all WHT members,

    I spent two hours in a meeting with my Lawer (@$100 per hour) and feel I need to post here to get this off my chest. Since tthis site is becoming over populated with kids that wanna be bussinessmen but do not understand the laws of how to even run a bussiness let alone what are considered "Good bussiness practices"

    and of course the listing of all these people who want top quality work for dirt cheap cause their money their mom and pop give them just does not streach far enough to run a good bussiness on lol.

    Anyway I did not want reallt just to post how WHT needs to set some standards for who can post and who is simply to young to post/join WHT.

    I wanted to speak about stealing of images companies create.

    Yes I could basiclly post the companies name that I will be sueing if they do not comply with the law but that is not what I want to do. Instead I want to let you all know about the
    Copyright Infringement
    and basic Copyright laws.

    Cause I know all of us real companies who put in our 50+ hour work week and whose headaches include server problems and staffing issues not who the substitue teacher will be tomarrow or how we are going to pass our "SAT's" or "Mid-term tests" in school.

    I wanted to tell all you bussiness men/women out their who run a real corporation or small bussiness it is worth the $100 per hour to sit with a lawer and even draw up a few legal documents that will protect you down the road, when you too get ripped off by a so called potential customer.

    I hope none of you will get ripped off but as we all iknow being a WHT means that either you will submit to provideing services for pennies even though they are worth thousands or you will simply be ripped off by these kids at WHT.

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    Uhh, what are you talking about?

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    I am talking about...

    I am talking about

    come to wht and get 1 million kids asking for a professional logo or graphic work done for $5 when you go to a real company like a pixelbrick or a big design house and you can not get any quality work done for under 1 or 200 bucks (or a few thousand)

    Or come to WHT where a million people are looking for hosting for a 100gig storage 100gig transfer hosting plan for $1/month\


    come to WHT and get hired to do a graphic design do the design watermark it show the client the client says ok no we dont want that design
    and then goes out buys photoshop or what ever program and creates the same design themself's and claiming no this is not the design you created look we changed the color and put a transparent bg on it so it is our design conecpt not your.

    I am talking about trying to run a real bussiness and WHT not being worth it to post here anymore cause their are nothing but kids here who can not afford anything anyway so its a waste of time and WHT was once a good resource now its just a good babysitter for the kids. Like a TV

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    Well then, where is the real forum where real business people goto, I would like to know. It seams once people get there business model down and working they dont bother with forums anymore.
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    True forums are not the ideal marketing tool.

    however their are much better ones I have learned then WHT

    WHT being the bottom of the barrel

    and or some of those where you have to pay to join are better I mean atleast real companies including fortune 500's post projects their

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    Glad you could get it off your chest.

    Whatever it was.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    I am going to sleep now after reading this stuff.

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    I'm with you RandyL712! You know that post started slamming the boards for having too many kids or non-business posters, and then took a hard left into something about ripping off images.

    The funniest part is you can tell by the typos he was typing at like 200MPH! That lawyer got you fired up!

    Anyway - my response to your initial point - anytime you get some 20,000 people together isn't there going to be a portion of those people you don't like or agree with? There are some less-active boards out there, but I think you will find the idiot to superhero ratio stays the same.

    Take some deep breaths!!!!

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    i don't mean to add insult to injury for you but, i'm 16, i'm not going to lie. i might not have a degress in business, but i do have what i think is enough common sense to help out my partner and learn as much as possible. if someone wants to make a logo for another person for $5, let them, why should you care? it's between the client and business. just because they are asking for a logo to be made for $5 doesn't guarentee that they are getting one or even getting one for $5. it's ashame what you are going through and i wouldn't want to be in your shoes, but by flaming people who are new to hosting and other online services and flaming WHT on top of that makes you look a lot worse then i think *hope* you are trying to come across as. if you don't like WHT, don't use it.

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    wah wah

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