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    * Need help with Adding an Additional Domain Name

    I have one domain that was bought and registered with my current host. I also have another domain that I've bought and registered through godaddy. Can someone assist me or point me to a good faq that shows how to setup the second domain(godaddy domain) to use my existing host? My first site works great and it uses the index.htm file located in the www directory. I'm now trying to get the second domain to point to a subdirectory in the www directory. I've played with the .htaccess file but can't seem to code it right to have it pick up the request and point it accordingly. My host is Unix based, running apache, php, etc.. If you can assist me I would be very grateful!


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    Brain ask your host to park the second domain on top of the sub directory for you.

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    I think Godaddy support will be more helpful.

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    So is configuring this something beyond my control? Above all I want to learn how to do it, but if its something that HAS to be done by my host, I'll contact them.

    Thanks for the replies, its appreciated!!


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