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    What to choose for a hosting name?


    For everyone whos chosen a company name

    im looking for a name for a company which will do hosting/domain rego and also web design in the future.

    what would you look for in a name and what would you avoid?

    all the name i think of are taken

    thanks in advance,


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    well it depends on what you like, i mean some people chose names to do with where they live, others what they do.
    Do you want host in the name??
    Maybe use your initials in it ? Others go for more bizarre names. I think as long as you can brand it properly and uoffer a good service then you can have a slightly different name.

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    Ipguitars, instead of intruding on salsabil's thread, why not just PM or email Taz?
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    How about might be available.. If you go to you can find some decent ones. .

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    Marketing 101: You need to choose a name which customers will associate with your product and want to use you and remember you. You can either do this by intregrating web hosting into your name (good because it tells customers what your business is) or by having something catchy which you can brand so it becomes associated with the service (or product) you are providing.

    Examples of branding in tech services are amazon and yahoo!. The names by themselves tell you nothing about the services they provide but if you mention the names to someone they can tell you about them because they have spent millions branding the names to their particular services. Over time you can brand your name but the quickest way is to include hosting or something in your name (you can always drop it when you make your millions).

    The name which I saw recently which caught my attention is brighlighthosting. Catchy and I know what they do for a living.

    Realize this though, some companies spend millions of dollars on consumer research just for the right name. Chances are you won't so use your common sense--would you be able to understand the name? How about your friends (free research) or family? Do they understand and like it?

    I hope this helps some.
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    Creativity is key. "Good Hosting" or "Joe's discount hosting" just don't cut it.

    Try this, think of a name that you like, but don't write it down. If you can remember it an hour later, then it's probably a good name.

    Good luck!

    --JCA Justin
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    when i was looking for a host... i did look at the name of the host.

    i wanted a name that didnt really signify it was a host, yet i didnt want to see a stupid outrageous name either.

    things that would steer me away personally is like you know that looks stupid when someone looks at your whois and sees that... then you dont want one like either....

    i may be rambling, but i hope you catch my drift, but i would try to make a unique or 'abstract' name, whether you use host in the name, that doesnt really bother me, just use it in a good way, make your site sound civil

    good luck
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    Also associate your domain name around keywords that folks will use to search for your services in the search engines. For example - will rank very high when folks search using the keywords - "Multiple Domain Host" etc... Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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