First, let me say that I am NOT looking to be paid for this at all. It's strictly volunteer work and it gives me a chance to improve my skills.

What am I looking to do?

I'm looking to help someone (or multiple people/companies) with their server administration needs.

Whatever your server admin needs are, whether it be configuring servers, setting up new client accounts, support tickets, whatever, I'm willin to help you out.

Why for free?

Well I will admit that I'm an expert on Linux or Windows server administration, but I do have experience working with these platforms, and I always have references available to me should I run into something I'm not sure about. I'm just looking to help people out where they need it and help me learn new things.

I'm on my computer (literally) from about 8AM EST to about midnight or 1AM (Yes, I spend that much time on my computer, my job and my school is all on the computer).

Please email me if you are in need of my services.
I can do Linux and Windows boxes, and again, it is for free. There are no catches or snags, I'm just looking to help out others and learn even more as I go along.

Thank you,
[email protected]