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    Windows Hosting?

    I was thinking (as I often do) Why don't people take advantage of the huge gap in Windows hosting? We all know that Linux hosting is oversaturated but I think Windows is the other way round. I don't see many budget accounts at all.

    I have seen Windows servers including licence for $99 (not sure how good) but howeve I think it would be easy to make profit on a windows server(s).

    Do people not consider this a big, empty market? If people could provide quality, affordable windows hosting I think they would make a killing.

    What do you think?

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    I think most people who want a cheap hosting account, won't really care what platform it's on. There's no real selling point for Windows hosting in the budget market, other than it's Windows.

    People who want to use MS SQL, ODBC etc will be looking for a much higher spec service anyway, and ASP and FrontPage extensions are available on Linux.

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    Not to mention that no-one really trusts winblows not to crash..

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