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    Hello, I'm looking to advertise my hosting company.
    Any offers/idea, please post, or PM me.
    ~ Mant.

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    How about an 125x125 ad in my blog
    The price is $5/month.

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    dropitlikeitstak Guest
    pm me i am working on a project and may be able to help

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    Oct 2008
    125X125 Banner $2 per month
    125X125 Banner $20 per year in (
    125X125 Banner $10 per month
    125X125 Banner $100 Per Year in (

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    MoneyRiot Guest
    I'm sorry, I tried to PM you but do not have enough posts here to do so yet.
    I've started a blog aimed at webmasters and people looking to make money online. As of me typing this post, I've had 4,356 visits since January 21st.
    I'm looking to get a couple of advertisers in a 728x90 banner rotation in the site's header for $2 per week.
    Go to Look under the 728x90 banner and click the Advertise Here link. Please try and disregard the statistics that adtoll gives for my site, they're based on a weekly average and i've only had their tracking code on my site for about 10 minutes, so obviously the results will be skewed until this time next week.
    email me at webmaster at moneyriot dot com if you have any questions.

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    Link at PR4, DMOZ listed, 4+ yrs domain, ~ 20k indexed pages, do you want?

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    New Jersey
    I have some great sponsorship packages available on HTML Help Central (
    Limited availability: 10 sponsorships available.
    Each HHC sponsor will receive the following:
    1. 120x60 static site-wide advertisement on the left side of pages
    2. 728x90 at the top of all pages: 10% rotation
    3. 728x90 at the bottom of all pages: 10% rotation
    4. Text link, text description (approx 100 or so words) and 120x60 image directly below the first post in all discussion threads site wide: 10% rotation
    5. Site-wide sponsors announcement: Text link near the top of the sponsors site-wide announcement page followed by a small content section with text link, text description & 120x60 image (same used in #4 above)
    *Note: there are a small number of pages that do not carry some or all of the site-wide ads.
    Pricing is flat-rate with discounts for longer sponsorship periods. 1, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 month sponsorships are available. The discount gets down to a really attractive average monthly rate for the 24 month sponsorship.
    There is also a 1 Million Webmaster / 1 Million Unique Viewer Guarantee included as a bonus for the 18 and 24 month sponsorship levels.
    For full details and exact pricing amounts, contact me via WHT private message ( or by email (

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