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    Lightbulb $0.04 / MB/ Month


    neXfer provides Web Hosting services and Web Space services in a variety of plans to take care of the diverse needs of the web users.
    Each of the plans offers you the ultimate combination of service,
    quality, cost and flexibility.

    Our basic plan starts at $0.04 per mb per month.

    For more details visit our site at


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    In fact our basic package starts at $0.40 /Month!!
    Taken from your site

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    Hi gandalf1,

    You are right.

    If you look closely at our plans.
    The basic plan includes minimum 10 MB.
    So in our site it has been said
    In fact our basic package starts at $0.40 /Month!!


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    Just thought you might have made a typo and just pointing it out, not flaming or anything.

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    It's Ok.
    By discussing we just clarified the matter.


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    I am ready for $0.04 for 1MB only.

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