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    Adding Logo to CPanel Theme


    I'm setting up my web hosting company and have been lurking for the past couple of months in order to try to learn as much as I possibly can. This is such a great site. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. I've read a lot of the archives, but know that I am still very much a newbie. I hope my question is not too basic and apologize in advance if it is.

    I have WHM and will be offering my customers mail only access. I would like to put my logo at the top of the cpanel mailonly theme. I have cloned and downloaded the theme, but I can't open the theme in any editing program I have (Front Page, Namo, notepad, etc.) I even tried copying the view source code from an account's mailonly screen which was in html, editing it, and saving it as a cpanel theme, but no dice. I got the message that it wasn't a cpanel theme tarball.

    Does anyone know how I can add my logo? I would also like to be able to change the layout around a bit, but right now I'm not too picky and would be thrilled just to put my logo there.



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    I take it you are a reseller and don't own a dedicated server? If so, ask your host to zip up the mail only theme and send it off to you. I would recomend editing it in notepad only.

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