I am looking to do a remote support role within an established web hosting company, where I can use my personal experience to help others.
My resume is of course available upon request.

I would like to point out I am not interested in commission based jobs, as I am currently trying to break free from such a position at webhosting.net (don't get me wrong, webhosting.net is a great company I just do not like the fact I am commission based)

My Skills:

I have a great deal of experience which includes general work, problem solving and giving others assistance when required for the Microsoft Windows 95/98/2K/NT/XP platforms. This also includes Windows 2000 Server, and Advanced Server. For full information please refer to my resume.
I enjoy learning about new products and services other companies are offering.

My Experience:

I am currently working for Webhosting.net in a sales/support live chat position, for full details, including my past employment, please refer to my resume.

My Working Hours:

I am very Flexible and am online around 20 hours per day, (yes I am a geek) so finding hours to suit you should not be a problem, I am based in Scotland which could benefit many companies in the USA/Canada as your nightshift would be normal working hours for me.


As I have said above I am not looking for a commission based job, I would prefer per hour/ticket/email or even a set wage. I would of course need my wage in writing, as I am looking for a stable, professional position.

Please contact me via the boards pm system or drop me an email at [email protected]