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    Webhosting since 1999 at Competitive Prices

    Do you want a great deal on web hosting, but still want your site up next month? Check out
    What we offer:

    500 MB Server Space
    16 GB/Mo. Bandwidth
    50 Pop3 Accounts
    5 Sub Domains
    Starting at $7.50 a month

    1 GB Server Space
    25 GB/Mo. Bandwidth
    100 Pop3 Accounts
    15 Sub Domains
    Starting at $14.50 a month

    1.5 GB Server Space
    35 GB/Mo. Bandwidth
    150 Pop3 Accounts
    50 Sub Domains
    Starting at $19.50 a month

    To view a plan comparison with all of our features, please visit:

    These days, people think they can get a server at rackshack and they'll have a web hosting business (Their ad in Hosting Tech does say "Start your own web hosting business today!". At, we understand that this is not only what makes a web hosting company.

    Dependability, Reliability, Stability: We don't run personal computers with low end hardware as servers, that's not what they are meant for. We run Dell PowerEdge and IBM X-Series servers.
    Is there Cogent on our lines? No. We use Yipes with a 99.9999% Network Uptime.
    So how fast are we? Click here to download a file from our network
    We invest so much into the stability of our service, why choose a buggy control panel? Over the past few years using Plesk, crashing has been unheard of, and any support issue we do have is answered and fixed promptly by their support. Although things like SSH are not supported, the shared hosting environment is no place to be handing out features that any knowledgable hacker could use to bring a server and its sites to its knees.

    Support: We stick with what works. Plesk works for us, its what we know and love. When you ask us about the control panel, you can be confident we know the software. We offer helpdesk, phone, and email support, and if you are having trouble with anything, drop in a ticket and we'll be glad to call you when convenient.

    What is there to lose? Nothing. If you aren't completely satisfied with our service in the first 30 days we'll be happy to give you a prompt full refund. Feel free to contact us via AIM at eMegaweb or Rewdog4 if you would like to talk to me personally, or email us at [email protected]
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    Yipes... that's fast!

    I got 200 kbps on the download. That's pretty rare for me, at least!

    I'm enjoying the speed here, Rewdog...

    Good Luck with everything.

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