Host for Yourself decided to try the Ensim Control Panel for a change and went through RackShack. It's my job to inform everyone of the new services we will be offering as a result of this decision. Ensim and falling hardware prices enable us to offer 1000MB accounts w/ 20gig transfer for $24.99 / mo. These accounts can include just one name-based domain or as many as you would like (disk space upgrades come cheap too). You will have access to the Ensim Reseller Control Panel, which allows you to add and remove domains easily, configure mail, Frontpage extensions, disk quotas, transfer limits, etc. You can even setup
your own price plans to quickly replicate quotas, limits, and features for your clients and users. We are hinting at these new features on our main website, but since we have not set the prices in stone (they may change before we advertise it heavily), we are throwing out the new idea to the forum users to see what kind of attention it gets. If you have 5 sites or 500 sites and want to arrange a different deal, we are willing to hear you. Any other feedback is appreciated as well.

For $24.99 / mo, you get your own virtual dedicated server - 3 levels of control panels. 1 for your end-users, 1 for the site administrator (your clients), and 1 for you, the reseller administrator. Ensim is great and we are never looking back. To find out how to sign up, email [email protected] and let me know you are interested in trying out one of our new reseller/platinum accounts. We will let you try it out for free with no obligation (and we offer month-to-month billing as well). A free month is included with yearly-billed accounts.

[email protected]