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    First time ive ever used photoshop, finding it quite difficult, anyone know how i can integrate a gif or jpg into a psd? any help much appreciated

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    what you want to know?

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    James, if you are trying to take an "Animated" gif, and work on some of the frames from the gif in photoshop, use image ready, copy the frame and paste it as a new image into photoshop.

    Do your work, and then paste it back into the animation.

    The printscreen button on your keyboard can take a screenshot, hit file new in photoshop and there is your image in photoshop.

    Please specify how you want to "Integrate a gif or jpg into a PSD (Photoshop Document)< as PSD's are akin to project files only, not final output files as JPG and GIF are meant to be.

    GIF, JPG - Compressed images
    PSD - Full Raw Data (As well as extra information for the project file, or Photoshop Document.
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    What you wanted to make is not understood. If you want to learn photoshop go to They have really good tutorials and tips.

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