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    Exclamation HSPHERE Specialist Needed

    I need someone who is experienced with HSPHERE not going to muddle through this but can ensure the setup.

    We are changing our hosting business and I would like to pay a consultant to help with the pre install and post install work. We are setting it up with both Unix and Windows. Before everyone jumps on this about how there is a full install I know. It needs to be right from the start and our current situation has caused this immediate need.

    The problem is time we are in the midst of several projects and this has now been added to the list. We pay cash / check / charge this is not for trade out we have references as well. contact me by email. And yes I created a new user for this. I am embarrassed about the spot I find myself in . [email protected]

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    Excuse me asking,

    What exactly are you looking for? The post doesn't make much sense.

    Are you looking for someone to help you move your clients over on to Hsphere and setup/configure accounts, server settings etc?

    If so I'm your man, I have great experience setting up Hsphere for another host where I stayed on to see the whole process through.

    Have sent you an email

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    1. Preinstall instructions for our dedicated server company. ie tell them how it needs to be setup.
    2. After the install setup help for hosting not any special customization just getting it setup.
    3. Help migrating clients over.

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