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    xfer from NSI w/o reachable admin e-mail

    Hey folks -

    I've got a rather ingenious client who has managed to have her domain name at NSI using an outdated and no-longer-reachable e-mail address (argh!)

    I'm sure this actually happens a lot with NSI-users.

    Anyhow, from experiences somebody might have had under similar circumstances, what seems to be the most efficient way of getting the domain xferred out from NSI?

    I know they've got a host of different cryptic access methods to your domain - I'm just wondering with which method have people here found to most efficient under these circumstances.



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    The only one that has worked for me is to call them. The send you some forms that you have to fill out and fax to them. The forms basically let you prove that you are who you say you are.

    Then it just took time (7 ish business days) because at that point it's totally manual.

    Make sure you keep track of the reference number they give you as well as the date/time fax phone number that you send the form from. The (at least they used to) track the fax and info by the fax telephone number.

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    also note: call between 10PM and 4AM CST....otherwise you'll be on hold all day

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    Like Frank said; you need to call and do whatever they tell ya ta do. Exactly like they tell you to do it. They're not gonna make it easy.
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    You can change your admin email via fax to something that works, with a form on the Verisign website.... let me look...

    Try here:

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    1 thing @ a time

    Remember to do one thing at a time. The easiest route to transfer your client's domain away from Verisign is to FIRST modify the Admin Contact by following the instructions on their website (by faxing them a request on a company letterhead WITH the necessary Tracking Number provided).

    As soon as you have successfully changed the Admin Contact e-mail to one that is good, you will then be able to transfer the name to another registrar (since this process asks for matching an Admin Contact e-mail).

    Hope this helps :-)
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