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    $20.00 for PAYPAL & 2checkout Support

    Lets try this again

    I will pay $20.00 via paypal to anyone able to add support for paypal and 2checkout to this script.

    Am sure a number of you have already done so. PM me as soon as possible.

    Thank You!
    Earl Livingston

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    what script?

    and btw, this should be in jobs

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    Yeah what script. I've done paypal + cpanel account creation script before in perl. I'll tell you now, it's a lot more than a $20 job - for me anyways because i'm not that good and i haven't done perl in almost a year

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    Sorry I'm new to this forum, If I could move it I would.

    The name of the script is alphaorder, I found it here on this board.

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