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    :: DNS :: moving from reseller to dedicated.


    I have a reseler account, now I got a dedicatd server. I want to move all my clients, around 230.. to my new server without having them to change DNS.

    I sow many webhosting companies having many servers around the world but using the same nameservers for all of them. like and for all servers.

    I know one way is to change the IP from registerar, but my registerar doesn't allow me to do that. the message is: there are still domains resolving on that nameserver, it cannot be changed ot removed.

    Can anybody please tell me how can I have 2 nameservers and use them for all my servers step by step?

    I really appreciate your help.

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    There are many posts on this in the past if you search

    Anyways, you can request a change of the DNS info on their behalf (they'll have to approve it).

    You can also setup extra DNS servers dns3, dns4 but you would still have to get your users to update their DNS info.

    The easiest way for you is just to have them update it and give them a month or two to do it. Make sure you check up on all of the domains before taking down dns1 and dns2.

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