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    Nov 2003
    Not really full five years. I signed up for essential VPS plan in March 2004 (so for few months it will be full five years).
    My VPS is fully managed and support is great. It is real 24/7 and response time is always about 5-15 minutes, and almost always with problem solved (there is no annoying replies like; need more information's, please let us what you want or something like that) They always fix the problems and they always know how to fix things.
    It was some big failure with hardware (I can not remember date) but they deal carefully with that, move all of us to different machines, clients was well informed, and generally there was not any long downtime (as far as I can remember)
    Network are great. They have direct link with Deutsche telecom which means very good connection for Europe.
    Few times I request backup for accidentally deleted files, and they recovery them fast.
    Only critic for billing. One month (I can remember when) they charge me for extra bandwidth. It was caused by some attackers on server I do not know, as none of my domains cause that (It was some bandwidth leak other than http, ftp or mail, that I am not familiar with). Normally I can not spend even 10-15 % of total bandwidth , but that particular month it was 300%, so they charge me for all. I do not know if it is my fault or not, but maybe they should protect server better or whatever.
    Other than that I have never had any problems.
    I recommend them to anyone as they are really ''peace in mind'' company.
    For the time being I will keep to use Servint services. I hope I will not forget to come back here again after five years with 10-years review.

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    The Netherlands
    I've been with Servint before and I agree that they are definitely great, very stable and helpful

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    Glad to hear you're happy with servint, "peace in mind" is definitely good to have
    Be sure to update us again in the future!

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    Thanks for your sharing. It is really great that you have been with them for long five years. That seems to be very rare in the industry. And I can judge your satisfaction from the comment "I hope I will not forget to come back here again after five years with 10-years review." Congrats servint for making your customer too happy.

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    I too am an over 5-year client of Servint and I must say that they are by far and away the most superior company offering VPS services.
    Just like the previous clients, I am impressed with their lack of "stalling" in asking questions (password, username, server name, etc) that THEY should know the answer to, but either are stalling for time or simply too lazy to look it up. Never happens with Servint support.
    Reliability is unbelievable - I cannot remember any outage lasting for any significant period of time and I operate multiple forums with thousands of users and millions of page views - so any outage would be instantly reflected in tons of email complaints.
    And if there is some service or upgrade - Servint notifies you AHEAD of time, and the actual down time is ALWAYS shorter than what they estimate! Imagine that!!!
    I have multiple Super-VPS servers with Servint and have consolidated the majority of my clients with Servint from many other providers. As the previous poster suggested - you really sleep soundly knowing that your servers will always be running smoothly and no panic support problems in the middle of the night.
    You can't do better than Servint - period.

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