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    Hacking and Preventing it..

    Hi, my freind is hoping to get a job at a school, and he asked me to find him some info on RmConnect 2.4 which is used on the computers at schools i believe. Could someone please give me, or tell me where i can find some info on the methods used for hacking it, and how or what programs can be used to prevent it being hacked. Im not an hacker, and never will be, theres no point.


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    Try asking the company that makes it?

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    hmm, so you want to hack your schools network?? RMConnect not a bad bit of software

    When I was umm, 15 I achieved Admin on our schools network, cant tell you how, all I can say is the admins werent impressed, they never were 100% sure it was me even till the day I left (if only they read WHT, hehe) was quite simple, only thing is you have to be young to be at school, so you have to learn quick before you leave.

    One hint, is the admins are normally hugely under paid, and arent really very good admins, they just look good because most kids in schools havent got a clue.

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    Why not search google? There is a "feature" in Win XP that can take over someone elses desktop.
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    Its not for me, im in my last year at school, and i know how to take over someone else desktop, any idiot does, but i want to know how you can prevent rm connect 2.4 being hacked.


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    . . and i know how to take over someone else desktop, any idiot does.
    Good to know I am not an idiot then.
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    It's that UPNP's the lamer 'hack' of the File and Printer sharing used to be...

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