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    Reseller and shared hosting question

    Hi, I'm new at this whole hosting thing so please bear with me.

    My site requires a bit of data transfer (over 40 gigs) a month. I'm currently with a good host (shared) but I'm finding that it is getting expensive especially when I go over my limit. I'm now looking for an alternative way to host my site. I can't afford a dedicated server and wouldn't be able to manage one anyway.

    I've looked at reseller accounts. I'm not entirely sure what they are but it looks like they might serve my needs in terms of data transfer allocation. My questions are:

    1. What exactly is a reseller account (I know that it involves selling space to other people)?
    2. Is this something that I could use even though I'm not planning on selling space to other people under my account?
    3. Are the prices on reseller packages *it* or are there other charges that I would need to shoulder since I would be using it for my site only?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    1. It is in some instances a "User group" on a server giving them access to mid level server administration, easing the creation of sub accounts, and in other instances it's purely a marketing word used to describe the act of selling those sub accounts from the provider.

    2. Yes, you can use it all right, but keep in mind that if you are already pulling 40 gigs, and let's say double that you are looking at roughly half of the entire bandwidth of most server alotment bandwidth totals (Market based on common sense pricing models), not overselling, so you would essentially be paying half of that server's costs as a customer, or would be a drain on them.

    3. Generally all that is extra for a reseller account is overages like a normal shared account.

    A reseller account in the way you see it talked about on WHT mostly is the user group type.

    Your main domain is like any sub accounts you create, but as a user you have a higher level of access on the server to edit your main domain's account, as well as create and manage the sub accounts you create.
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    You should try a virtual Private Server or VPS. They are cheaper than a dedicated server, usually are managed and usually come with a fair amount of bandwidth. Most hosts who offer Ensim usually offer VPS. Try giving that a shot.
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