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    greencharisma Guest
    Is there a problem with registering a domain such as ebuyshirts dot com or ibuyshirts dot com?
    I've seen a few out there like ebuyautos, but is this considered too close to ebay whom I understand has a stranglehold on the internet almost as tight as microsoft.
    Either way, e and i are very common SLD prefixes, and the word buy is about as generic as it gets.
    Any comments will be much appreciated!

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    Those domains are growing in popularity as more and more domains get registered. I personally like the idea and invested in one myself (see sig) so I think they are a great idea myself

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    I see no live trademark applications for ebuy but there are applications for ibuy and that might cause problems down the road.

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    greencharisma Guest
    Thanks for the reply!
    I checked the database. There's a ton of citations there. I thought that might be good since it apparently has such a broad application.
    What about the mark specifically jumps out at you as a potential problem?

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