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    GameServer Company for Sale

    I have currently ran out of time to dedicate to the advancement of my gameserver company, therefore I am willing to sell. I can do one of 3 things:

    1. Sell entire business, including customers, hardware, and NOC contract.
    2. Sell just customers, hardware, and you take business to your NOC.
    3. Sell just hardware, customers, and you colo with me at current rate.

    If interested in any of the above, or would like more info contact me at [email protected]

    Currently have 8 Dual Proc machines in the 1U and 2U case, and 7 1U Single Proc machines.

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    How much are you looking for this setup? and what country you from?

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    with that much hardware, id think you have a url and another email address besides a

    <<MOD NOTE: See post below yours. I think this is the reason as well>>
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    It's pretty obvious he wants his identity hidden perhaps not to disilude his customers

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    The Laughing Cow you are correct. This business is still running fine, I just don't want to give my customers or my competitors an idea that I might be leaving.

    Thank you those that have replied, PM'd, and/or emailed. We are getting an email out to all that requested information. Thank you for your time.

    jamesaspey - We are in the United States, and price information will be handled through email or other means.

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    Can you send me a list of your hardware?

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    Any news?

    Been waiting for reply, wondering if this is still for sale?


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    Dymex CP- Coming soon
    Windows Server - Coming soon
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