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    Domain lookup for website?

    Hello all

    Can someone please help me with a problem thats been bugging me since I started my hosting site and thats the domain name search.

    I want users to be able to type there domain name in and search for either the domain extension they want or by all domain extensions.

    I need to be able to edit the page it goes to so it matches my site if possible.

    Can anyone suggest a script or something that would do this, I have tried a couple of CGI Scripts like Mwhois and whois but did'nt really get on with them to well, I prefer php if possible.



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    You can find some php whois scripts at or If you know php then you will be able to customise it and corporate it into your website
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    I am using AceWhois , can customize the output as you want it.

    Take a look at my domain page at

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