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    [tic] Important questions to hosts...

    After reading the thread below about the 14-year-old web hosts, I wondered if we should compile a list of questions that you should ask your potential hosting reseller before signing up - please respond with Ideas!
    • Is this your full-time job, or are you supposed to be doing Internal Systems for your REAL employer right now?
    • Have you licensed any of the server software and server components you are using?
    • The ping times seem slow - are you hosting from your home computer, connected via ADSL..?
    • Is it possible my site will be unavailable due to unforseen groundings, homework, or acne attacks?
    • Will I be able to navigate & view the entire server using your insecure implementations of upload compnents? I could do this on my last host, and I thought it was fun..!
    • Please tell me how many times your has already been resold, I am thinking of starting a pyramid selling scheme with my webspace...

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    This was done only a few weeks ago.
    Josh Powell.
    ServerSpotCheck - Is your website down?
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    Thanks for pi**ing on my bonfire, at least you could also give me a link to the thread, so I can commiserate myself for not thinking about it sooner..!

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