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    Mar 2009
    Hi All,
    Happy Newyear to all. We have lauched our newsite just yesterday. We request your reviews on our newsite.
    Thank you !!!

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    Ronald V Guest
    Good prices, very affordable! Regarding design, I think there is too much space between the main image and text "Welcome to Hexahost".

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    Well as you requested to review this website, i'll provide the best information i possibly can.
    Firstly i experienced the website took quite a while to load the images. It may be it's my internet speed (2mbps) or it's either the images being in a very high quality. Adding to that, my browser is assuming the website has fully loaded but infront of my page i rarely see any graphics/images.
    It may not be the same for all of you, however can someone please confirm this?

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    Boise, ID
    wasnt this template for sale on WHT earlier in the week?

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    Hi All,
    Thanks for your reviews. I have another question from you fine people ...
    If I prepare another hosting plan other than our standard hosting, it should be a high bandwidth(transfer) plan Or a High disk space plan ?
    Yes got the template from template vendor and made modifications on my own.

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    Higher Bandwidth is always a plus. However a large website may require a lot of disk space.
    Anyway you could do a combination of both?

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    kumarsaran Guest
    I would say, Having plan with scalable options will be good. If you have move visits and download give baandwidth or transfer. If you have rich contents and user info go with space.
    Study says 90% of the hosting plans are not even used 10 % of their space and available bandwidth
    Hosting should get simplified

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    hexahost out to lunch?

    Do not use the site I created much so I cannot speak for uptime and reliability in that aspect. But for the last two years when it came to renewing my domain... I paid a month before expiring... the first time... I had to file a claim with Paypal because they never renewed it and never responded to emails/support requests. finally after paypal involved... they renewed the domain (one month after it expired and I couldn't use it)... One year later (this year) I paid 2 months in advance... here I am with my domain about to expire in a couple of days with no email contact (or contact of any kind). Just filed a claim with paypal again... I'd stay away from this company (if you can even call it a company).

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