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    Please review this web host


    i came upon atwebhost today and search for it. however, there's only one thread on them which insufficient to help me to draw a conclusion.

    Any exisiting user of atwebhost? Please review.


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    I currently have a backup account with them in case I have to move my clients because of an emergency. The IP is I plan on setting up additional nameservers soon. But not needed for now.

    Their support is awesome! I recommend them.
    Maybe there's someone else that has an opinion?

    - Joseph
    Santiago Yajan Cruz
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    thanks for your reply.

    their deal of "semi-dedicated hosting" is great. i'm considering signing them up as my backup hosting.

    anyone has other opinion on them?

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    New one to me too, I had a company in mind already, but they don't even come close to the semi-dedicated plan at atwebhost. Only problem is with being so new, I doubt there are to many customers around here to provide reviews. What to do...

    [edit] E-mailed a presales question at 4:59AM and had 2 responses by 5:03AM, can't argue with that . [/edit]
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    wow that's quick.
    mine took a little longer 15 minutes

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    I would like to clarify that we already have a lot of colocation and dedicated hosting clients. We have been taking clients well before we officially launched.

    If you need client references, feel free to email me =)

    All the best,
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    I recently ordered a server from them, I know asher (the owner) from and he or his staff is always on hand to help if anything goes wrong, how do I know this? I had a server with Asher before and had to cancel due to some personal problems, i amlooking forward to having another great experience with the guys at atwebhosting.


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    That's great, I'm looking forward to do business with them
    but of course, i need to first build up my company name is my country.

    Thank you for all your feedback. Appreciated!!

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