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    NameServer-Domain Search


    First off let me apologise <sp> if this is not the correct forum for this.

    I would like to know if anyone knows of a site or script that can do a whois on name servers. I know before the registrars were split up I was able to email netsol (internic at the time) for a list of domains using my name servers...this would help me reorganize my domains and check for expiration etc. I know I have other domains out there or maybe they expired I dunno I just would like to know if there is something out there that I can use to search domains via name servers.

    Any information would be greatly appreaciated


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    Name server search is available from or

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    You can check various scripts at
    and also at

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    Let me rephrase :)

    First off, I want to thank you for your replies and I did look at hotscripts and will look at webwizguide now...but Im looking for something that will give me a list of domains that are using my name servers not a whois on my name servers...I know NetSol used to provide this back when it was Internic...I requested it a few also helps to see who is using your name servers for parked domains

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