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    I am going to use
    Anyone using them ?
    And is it right i will only need the following for startup :

    $15 + $10 / month for statement and real-time gateway
    2.35% + 0.30$ / transaction

    What else i'll have to do to use the processing service ?
    Have to get own ssl ? (geotrust maybe?)
    have to install some stuff on my own server ?


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    well...just to let you know..netsolutions said:
    I was thinking of using for our new merchant provider however for their non US accounts (we are in Canada), they don't allow you to us it for web hosting services Anyone know of another good merchant provider like
    on this post:

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    We almost signed with them. However, we got the run-around when we were dealing with our application and never could get a solid answer on our discount rate. At one point, one of their sales people was downright rude to me.

    Bottom line - they left a very bad taste in my mouth. I got the feeling I was being pushed into signing a contract...and they were too busy to answer any questions I had about it.

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    They are application processor, not actual merchant account provider. Support sucks. Sometimes, sounds like they answering phone from kitchen. They will tell phone # to call, they do not answer any questions as far as I know. You need shopping cart with integration for real time processing or store to database and process manually later. Good to have own SSL. They will hold 6month of 5% of revenue.

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    Wow I almost signed up with them like 10 minutes ago. However I didn't get what half the stuff meant so I came here and searched for merchant accounts. Glad I didn't sign up....

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