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Thread: Slow as hell

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    Slow as hell

    Hi there,

    I have encountered a similar problem before, but it was fixed by removing a large 2gb+ log file in apache.

    Now I have checked for any large files and none over 500 megs reside on the server.

    firstly, ping and let me know if you experience packet loss. Go to the site and see if it loads slow, because it loads slow as hell for me.

    It is not apache because I turned it off and the server still ran slow (SSH).

    1. Do you have any suggestions on the issue?
    2. Do you think it is a network, hardware, software issue?
    3. What do y ou suggest I do? My host says is pings fine so they can't do anything about it. However I have had numerous peers test it and it is loading slow for all of them.

    Thanks in advance. I am considering moving hosts simply because of this issue as it has been going on for about 2 days, but I want to certify that it is not my fault.

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    Related to this post, I want to inform any of you guys out there (as I couldn't find any help on this anywhere else) of a peculiar problem that you may have, and not know why.

    if your server:
    1. Experiences packet loss
    2. Serves web pages slowly

    3. Runs a gaming server perfectly
    4. Runs the control panel perfectly

    Always check to see if any of your access_log files (that apache creates) are over 2 gigabytes in size.

    Apparenlty some linux os's cannot handle files over 2 gigabytes and apache starts to act very weird once that limit is reached.

    To see if any of your files are over 2 gigabytes, run the command:

    find / -size +906250 -exec ls -dl {} \;

    Actually, that file size may not be completely correct, but you get the idea. Play with the size variable to get the largest files.

    If you find them, search or the forums for a way to increment them to preserve your logging. If you don't care about logging or don't want to go through the trouble, use this command:

    echo -n > access_log

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