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    Angry ??

    These people seriously piss me off..

    My company currently uses them and it seems I have 20% downtime or the shopping cart/database screws up customers orders.

    This is a seriously unprofessional outfit.. If anyone knows of ways to take action against them for the time and money they cost me and my buisness please let me know.

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    Why dont you move before they cause your more problems and money?
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    With 200+ pages of html to move it can't be done over night..

    I had already chosen another host and was in the process of getting things together for the move (I figured it would take me over one month to get everything ready) but the new host seems to have forgotten about me..

    Also don't try to sell me hosting and give useless comments like move to another host and offer me a package.. I know how to use google !

    I asked a question "If anyone knows of ways to take action against them for the time and money they cost me and my buisness please let me know"

    If you don't have an answer to the question or want to sell me hosting look at another thread please.

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    This is a rather belated post - but you my friend are one seriously rude chappy, i think you should take your problems out on your host and not people offering alternatives.

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    Actually, John80y was justified in that the host didn't offer much in the way of an answer and plugged their own company (tisk tisk). The post has been removed, and user warned. For more information, please refer to The Forum Guidelines. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    I apologise for being rude... It wasn't intended to come out as a rude remark. I don't want to get anyone in trouble.

    I would like help though if anyone is kind enough to offer a suggestion ?

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    Some people around here talk about BBB. Not sure if it can help you, but if you do a search on that here, and maybe on Google as well, you can find a way to take action against them.
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    Can you document your losses caused by Bizhosting? What is the dollar amount you lost? Compare this amount to the amount in cash and time you'd have to spend to bring action against them. Lawyers aren't cheap, and if you sue without one you're going to spend a LOT of time figuring out how to do it. Unless your losses are substantially larger than what your cost would be to bring action against them, it's better to just cut your losses now and concentrate on getting to whatever new provider you choose.

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    does your host have a set of terms and conditions ? they may not guarantee uptime and if they state this.. then i dont see that you have much comeback
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    Arent they a free webhosting provider?

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    Sorry to revive such an old post....

    Peteny... They aren't free... I am a premium member and pay 30dollars a month...

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