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    Running Chat servers?


    I recently came accross the idea of making an instant messenger program for a small group of friends of mine.

    After realising that it would need a server with a constant IP so the messengers could find other users, I suddenly realised that I couldn't run server.exe on linux.

    My question is this:

    Can you run .exe's on a windows host, and if so how can you control them?

    I've also been told to learn C and program something which will run on a linux server, but I don't have a clue where to start there...

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    I think you might want to look into IRCd's. (Internet Relay Chat Daemon).
    I suggest hybrid on a FreeBSD machine.
    Good luck!
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    Well there's such a thing called Windows Shell Accounts, basicaly what it is, it's like a Unix Shell Account which lets you run stuff 24/7 but a windows shell account is under windows. So you can upload VNC or PCAnywhere then just login and do whatever you want on the shell account... MOST windows shell accounts are expensive since it's kinda like a dedicated server to you since you cant really have 10 users running from the same windows at the same time.
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    Thanks for the advice!

    Any other tips out there?

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    If it is just for a few friends, use your home connection on a DSL line!

    That should suffice

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    That would be fine if I wasn't on a dial-up modem with a dynamic IP <starts cryin>

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