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    PHP Programmers who like basketbal...

    I want to start a fantasy basketball site. I have all the idea's for it just looking for someone to program it for me. We will both be head admins of it. Money will be involved as we will be putting up ads and accepting donations. Email me to inquire about it at [email protected] or my icq # is 24177414. I will be able to get lots of users to visit the site so that will not be a problem...

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    I had a baseball site going a hwile back (though Im not a sports fan so content was done by someone else).

    What are you thinking of?

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    users will be reqrded with a point system
    tehre will be daily betting
    weekly betting
    and monthly
    for daily u can bet who will win
    for weekly
    which play will have most in each cat
    which player will get player of week etc
    and monthly
    which team will have most wins
    and sorta of things like that
    and have trivia
    otehr ways to get points
    if i get enough staff
    i really wanna run something like yahoo
    like people can have there own drafts
    and u pick 5 starters
    and u have ur totals added between all ur players in each category
    and u are ranked within ur group
    whoever has the best rankings wins...
    that sorta thing...
    maybe even trades adds and drops too!
    if u know how to put this in better words please do

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