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    Gaming site needed

    hello, ive been having a few goes at making one, but it doesnt give a professional image :

    any one know how much a decent one would cost?

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    Are you looking to purchase an entire working gaming website or just a website template/layout?

    I would also recommend listing your website in the Website Reviews section. You'll receive helpful hints in improving the website.

    Here's a fully-featured gaming structure that would probably gain popularity and kudos if it was marketed properly.


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    thats the kind of thing i need, how could i obtain something like that? we are on quite a low budget etc

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    I'm not quite sure if you'd be able to acquire a fully-functional and professional gaming website for little.

    I don't know anywhere where it's possible to purchase complete gaming website (besides eBay).

    You could possibly ask around from the gaming website admins and see if you could purchase their website, etc.

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    thanks for the replys, anyone else got any ideas?

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    I can design you something nice for $300

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    I can design a custom template .pdf & HTML file for $100.

    Here's a link with a gaming site I did:

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