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Thread: GD Installation

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    GD Installation


    I downloaded GD-1.41 and executed these command.

    perl Makefile.PL
    make test

    I found two (2) errors.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Doesanyone know what are the two (2) errors and how to fix it?

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    It looks like it compiled fine, but failed on "make test". In my experience, you can still run "make install" and have it work just fine.
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    I went ahead and "make install", and it didn't work.

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    My experience is that GD is one of the programs that should
    be installed by RPM. Alot of strange things happen when
    you try to compile manually. Try

    When you compile manually GD is often installed in a
    directory where for instance PHP can't find it.

    This is probably not true all the time, but it is my experience.
    You can ofcourse also override the directory where GD is
    installed if you compile manually. You need to find the correct
    directory first, though.

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    I read the requirements of this scripts
    HAMweather Pro needs the same requirements as HAMweather with one exception. The Perl GD module must be installed on your server for the dynamic maps to be generated. If you are not sure if the Perl GD module is installed on your server then contact your system administrator.

    The GD module can be found at or users of ActiveState Perl (Windows users usually) can use the PPM routine to install the GD module.

    I think what I need to install is Perl GD module.
    I have RH Linux 7.1, and I'm not sure which Perl GD module to download and install. If you have a minute, can you tell me the file to download?

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    You will find everything you need here:

    Version 1.8.4 of GD is the last stable.

    (I don't know your OS so you have to find the correct RPM from
    the list. Many of them will work on any Linux/Unix system

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    I tried to install perl-gd, and got an error.
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    You should try 1.8.4. v2 is still in beta.

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