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    What do you think about this merchant account?


    I have been looking for a cheap merchant account provider, and found one :-


    which is even for international sites. Does anyone use it ?
    Are the reliable ?

    Try to recommend some cheap merchant accounts available internationally or at least for canada.


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    Looks like a pretty good deal to me. Going to sign up for and check it out myself. I would suggest doing a search on here to see if there are any negative posts.

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    Looks interesting. Maybe they're just waiving some things because they're new?
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    Trust me on this.. don't always look for the cheapest merchant account and setup fee. I've witnessed one too many online businesses later complain about these lesser known banks closing merchants accounts with a less than 1.5% chargeback rate once the merchant account has been established. It's best to choose a local or well known bank with a good reputation in dealing with online merchants. Research the BANK you will have the merchant account established through and not be so focused on the rates and/or company or reseller that simply forwards the merchant application to their chosen bank.

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    I don't even see who they are using as their gateway.

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