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    ServerBeach.. good?

    Hey guys, I'm looking at ServerBeach to get a dedicated machine there for production use. Looks like they use non-cogent bandwith and ping times from FL are decent.

    I would like to hear from current customers on their experiences there, service, support, quality of network, quality of boxes, etc..

    Thanks in advance!

    - David.

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    try to run search There are a lot of threads about that company

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    Quite good for me Have them for two months now and haven't had any serious problems. As long as you setup your server the right way you should never need to talk to their Customer Service Which is, unfortunately, a bit slow.

    Too bad they have a bandwidth limit though
    Jeroen Mulder

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    I had a server with serverbeach, but they dont set up right the webmail, neither an expert can fix it, and they dont give that kind of support, so I cancelled.
    You need luck to have a nice server with them.
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    Support takes a few days to be answered as well as any other query aside from pre-sales questions

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