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    Linux System Admins needed

    Im looking for people that are extremely experience with linux system administration and various control panels for a per incident basis.

    I need 24hour turnaround on all incidents and will pay per incident. Rather than staffing with full time admin.s i am looking to have a few people available for situations that i cant handle. This would not ever turn into a full time job, but might serve as a descent side job from time to time...

    If interested please PM with details and your hourly rate, or per common task rate....etc.


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    Instead of hiring support, outsource. We can offer you part time to 24/7 chat and e-mail support for about quarter of the salary.
    Our support staff have 5 years eyepiece in Linux and related Software, including JSP server (resin, tomcat) Control Panels, (Ensim, Plesk, Cpanel) PHP, Perl and much much more. There is a huge advantage for chat support for it is also international support. Try us for a full 30 days money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and all to gain.

    Contact me at toll free phone number 188-3936747
    msn: [email protected] aol ewempir

    Yours Truly
    Sharon Koifman

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    Experience : 4 years tehnical mannager to a local ISP provider , 2 years since we do remote maintenace and administration over the internet .

    feel free to contact me on-line and we will discust more

    Linux Adm Specs and Fees

    System Adm Services

    h System initial configuration
    - Kernel recompile on the latest stable version $200
    - System security audit and patching +$30

    h Operating system upgrades/patches
    - Updates on demand

    h OS trouble-shooting
    - Panic support (3rd party software installation and configuration issues) $50/hour rate

    h Software installation and configuration
    - On demand software installation and configuration $50/hour rate

    h Supported software upgrades
    - Support and upgrades for existing installed software packages FREE

    h Mail server configuration
    - qmail installation $200
    - add/delete users online (depends on web server installation) +$20
    - email forwarding (online setup V depends on web server installation) +$5
    - autoresponders (online setup V depends on web server installation) +$5
    - spam filter (optional) +$40
    - antivirus mail scanner (optional) +$40

    h Web Server
    - Apache 1.3.x or 2.x $75
    - PHP installation +$90
    - Mod_ssl + self signed certificate creation or support to buy one +$20
    - Graphic libs (ImageMagik and/or GD) installation +$10
    - Mod_perl installation +$10

    h FTP Server
    - vsftpd $50
    - virtual ip configurations or virtual users configuration

    h DNS Server
    - We prefere ISCs bind package so bind that is $100
    - PowerDNS + PowerADMIN $200

    h Database Server
    - Mysql installation and configuration $100
    - Postgresql installation and configuration $100
    - phpMyAdmin installation (mysql online administration V Optional) +$50

    We will help you analyze your software needs, install, train and support software we recommend and install. (Configuration instructions must be provided by client. Support for software that we do not install may be arranged prior to the start of your maintenance plan.). As we work off site and remote client must provide the hardware support with his preffered *NIX flavour already installed.

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