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    serious problem with name based accounts


    it seems we customers on certain ISP's cannot access namebased website at all. I have tested this myself, using my primary ISP I can access all sites just fine - however using another ISP, I cannot access any of the namebased websites.

    Customers are also reporting this problem. Server is just fine, up and running, but certain people simply cannot access them. No traceroutes, nothing.

    I remember reading something about this and apparently it has to do with the new BIND server (9.x ?) - apparently the new bind is less forgiving to improperly configured ISP's .. what exactly the problem is I cannot recall.

    If anyone knows what I am talking about and can enlighten me, I would very much appreciate it.

    Suggestions of workarounds for this would also be appreciated.

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    This issue sounds like it has nothing to do with the site being "name" based but a issue with DNS..

    If you can't do a traceroute or ping on the domain then the type of hosting doesnt matter at all...

    Sounds to me like your DNS records are improperly setup...

    Very basic reasons a ISP might "reject" your record.. to low of a TTL ( time to live )

    Some ISP's reject any TTL that is below 4 hours ( Anything below 4 hours is considered "improper" )

    The reason behind this.. Every time the TTL expires, the ISP's DNS server has to reverify the domain info off the domains master server..

    The more domains with extremely low TTL's the more bandwidth, and the heavier there DNS server works.

    This is just ONE Example of what could be causing a issue such as this..

    But again.. FOCUS on the DNS aspect...
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    problem solved - apparently cpanel bug decided to remove some zone file entries :/
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    Huh? I've set all my TTLs to 60 seconds and never had a problem with anything.

    We have a hot standby. When our main server goes offline, DNS switches to our standby. That would be useless with TTLs over a minute.

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